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Kate Carleton is an Executive Coach and facilitator

She has helped hundreds of professionals become more effective leaders, increase productivity, and manifest stronger influence skills. Kate works with both individuals and corporations, coaching one-on-one or facilitating team learning in groups of 10-14. Kate’s professional services include:

Kate is known for coaching Emerging Leaders, polishing their rough edges, helping them develop a greater sense of leadership, influence, and “Executive Presence.”

She involves the executives and teams she works with, challenges them to do differently, and ultimately, step up to be the best they can be.

She has been acknowledged for her ability to educate and inform while making the experience entertaining and fun. Kate is also a sought after motivational speaker for corporations, organizations, annual conferences, and universities.

Visit Kate’s blog for her articles on business tips and insights, read what clients say about working with her, and click here to learn about Kate’s experience and training.